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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Twenty-One


Chapter Twenty-One

The next Thursday, my Aunt Becca, Kassie, and I went to Springfield MO for a horse auction.  We left super early so we could be there when the barn doors opened.  My aunt was looking for a new stud to breed Betty with.  Yep, my Betty refused the normal route of artificial insemination.  Now let me tell you that was some conversation.

“Dona think I’m gonna be lettin’ ye stick that thing up my daisy now.” Yes my horse calls her vagina a daisy.  I have no idea why.  I’m afraid to ask her.

“Youse best be gettin’ me a real stud cause this will be my last baby and I’ma feelin’ frisky.”

Well the price of horse semen did go up quite a bit so Aunt Becca figured it would be just good business to find a stud and buy him. 

I came along to make sure Betty’s “list of unacceptable traits” was considered.  It wasn’t a long list but included:  “No biting me” and “no whiner” and “no crossed eyes”.  Well she had me write at the end “must be romantic”, what the heck?  Where did she come up with this stuff?  I asked her if she had been sneaking peeks through the living room window when Aunt Becca watched her shows.   Seems we have a peeping horse.  And that led into a long discussion on how animals can smell what we are thinking and pretty much read our body language.  In other words, animals know a bunch more about us humans and how we are than we know about them.  Sigh.

Anyways, things were going great, I had talked to all the studs for sale and narrowed the decision down to two which met all Aunt Becca’s wants and Betty’s. 

Both were in the price range that Aunt Becca could afford and I was really thinking it would come down to their names:  Wrigley and Stanford.  It was while I was having another chat with Stanford that he told me someone was watching us and sure enough, I turned around and saw someone taking a video.  Now the man just kind of slowly turned as if he was videoing ALL the horses.  But the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. 

How dare he spy on me!  Well two can play that game.  I told Stanford I’d be back, slipped him a biscuit (these are like milk bones for horses) and then began to saunter around until I got to the rabbits.  Now the set up for the rabbits only had one entrance and right by that entrance was a beautiful rabbit.  No I don’t know what breed since I’m not a rabbit person.  I had a quick chat with the girl and kept wandering around.  The fella following me and trying hard to not be obvious about it, started to come into the barn but saw how small it was and stopped at the entrance.  And then he made a phone call.  I pretended to not notice.  But I took my time and made him wait by that door at least five more minutes after he hung up then I made way towards the entrance.  He took off and went around the side of another barn.  I stopped and had a chat with the rabbit.  Seems he was one of Selman’s people and he was giving an update of what I was doing.  Then according to Phoebe, the rabbit; he was told to back off since they had a lock on me anyways. 

I thanked Phoebe and rubbed her behind and between her ears and left to go find my Aunt and Kassie.   They did not know I had left the horse barn.

Since the auction would not start until 2pm and the owners of both horses did not want to sell outright but thought they could do better at auction; we went for lunch.   

We sat by a window so we could keep an eye on the truck and trailer parked at the edge of the parking lot.   It wasn't long after we got our food (Yummy Thai) that a black SUV pulled in and a guy I had not seen before got out with his phone pointed out like he was scanning and he pointed his phone right at our window.  I don’t think he could see in because of the tint on the glass which kept the hot sun out.  But I sure saw him.  All I could think was “Tracking Device”.

Somehow Selman had managed to tag me or my aunt or even Kassie with a tracking device.  I told my Aunt.   She was not happy.  Nor was I.  Even Kassie was upset.

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