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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two

After we ate and paid, we locked ourselves in the bathroom.  And that is when I found that card Selman had given me.  My Aunt looked at it and said it was too thick for a normal card so she stuck her nail in the edge and tried to peel it apart.  When she saw the first wire she stopped.

“My first thought is to flush this thing but I think I have a better idea. Let’s find someone to ‘give’ this to and then get out of here.”

We went back out into the restaurant and saw that there was a line to pay.  We got into line and Kassie took the card and slid it into the jacket pocket of some lady. 

She sure is sneaky that Kassie!  I love it.  We got out of line and decided we needed to put a bigger tip at our table which had not yet been cleaned off.  So while my Aunt hunted through her purse for another dollar or two.  Kassie and watched that lady pay and then step out of the restaurant. 

We watched as she got into her car and then left.  The SUV was not far behind her! Yes! Success!

We figured they would catch their mistake pretty quick but it felt good to get one over on them.  So we headed back to the auction and Aunt Becca was able to get her stud –Stanford for even less than what she offered the owner.  Seems something upset him and he had a fit on the auction floor. 

What?  You think I had something to do with that??


Anyways… we were about a mile from the Ranch when Aunt Becca pulled off the road real quick and told me to grab my bag and get out.  I jumped out right quick and she was gone.  So I slipped my bag over onto my back and ran and jumped.  I took the short cut home. 

Sure enough I came to the Ranch the back way and slipped into the loft of the barn and what did I see by the house? A black SUV with Selman standing outside it. 

I knew that Aunt Becca would be coming to the barn to get Stanford settled in and yep she just blew by Selman.  HAHAHAHA!  I love my Aunt.   OOPS! Looks like Selman will need a shower tonight.  She just had to stand by that deep mud puddle and thus got a double whammy when the truck plowed through it and then the trailer a second later.  I think she will be spitting mud for a week!

I had a hard time keeping my laughter quiet.  But Kassie sure was laughing loudly. 

They worked quickly and efficiently getting Stanford all comfy and cozy in his stable.   I saw that Betty slipped into the barn from outside.  Her door to the meadow was open for her.  Actually all the stalls doors to the meadow were opened except for Stanfords. 

Since it was time anyways, Aunt Becca made Selman wait until all the feeding chores were done.  I don’t think Selman minded too much, since it gave her time to clean up a bit.  Aunt Becca finally gave her five minutes by her SUV. 

I couldn’t hear what she said but Selman left right afterwards.  I decided to follow her.  So out the loft I went.  She stopped about five miles down the road and met up with another SUV.  So I got myself comfy and did what any sensible person who could talk to animals did. 

I asked a couple bats to go and see what they were saying.  They didn’t mind at all since the headlights were drawing some tasty bugs out.  The two bats fed on insects as they listened to Selman talk to some guy.   I could see him and he looked like the guy who followed that lady out of the restaurant. 

They only spoke for about ten minutes and then they both left.  My bats friends came back and told me what they said. 

Now talking to a bat is a bit different since they have that sonar gig going on.  It was really cool because it was almost like watching a sonogram like they do on pregnant women.  So they gave me a “movie picture” with their words.  It was awesome. 

Neither Selman nor the guy, whose name I found out was Brad Spitzer… that may not be quite correct, I did get the info from a bat… were happy.  Brad was mad because I had sent him on a goose chase that almost got him tossed in jail because the lady called the police and said she had a stalker.  I don’t care who ya are, that was funny.  Selman was mad because she now thought I was still in Springfield shopping of all things.  Oh if she really knew me, she’d know I did NOT like to shop. 

Seems Aunt Becca told her that I decided to stay and get some summer clothes for the rest of the semester of school.  So they both were headed back to Springfield.

I laughed so hard I almost fell out of the tree.  The bats thought I was a bit off in the head.  I thanked them and they went on their way.  And I flew back home. 

Little did I know that my whole world was about to change.  

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