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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Four

Chapter Four

So you know I can talk with animals but like a few of the other Affected, I have another ability:  I can fly.  Oh not like Superman and I got caught in a LOT of trees at first, usually upside down.  But I do more of a graceful run and then just lift up and drift through the air at a racing 10 or so miles per hour.  It feels a bit like swimming.  I don’t go too high, maybe 40 feet at the maximum and tend to not be able to turn easily but usually keep going in the same direction I was running in, hence the getting caught in trees and such. 

But I’ve been practicing and can now run into a tree and not get hurt.  I’ve found that trees are handy way to get back to the ground.  

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