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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

You know that saying “God laughs at the plans of men”? Well He laughs at the plans of women too.

Everything was FINE until about halfway through the flight to DC. 

I had managed to cram everything I would need for the trip into my backpack so I would not have to worry about checking in any baggage.  So I brought it on with me.  Well I decided I wanted to take a couple of pictures of us on the plane and out the window, so I hopped up to get it out of the overhead compartment and well seems my feet never hit the floor. 

Now this was the first time AFTER the “EVENT” that I had flown and I did not realize that being back up that high would cause sporadic spaz’s of my abilities. 

As I floated up to the ceiling, I looked around and noticed that most people had their noses in their phones and IPad’s.  But there was that one lady… you know the “one” … that one lady who always has her nose in others business and then promptly gives her opinion on how you should run your life?  Well THAT lady  saw me and when we locked eyes, she shrieked LOUDLY and rudely pointed at me.  “EEEEECK! Look she is floating!”

I really tried to right myself and push me back down to the floor but it was too late.  Now EVERYONE was looking at me.  So what else could I do but be a smart butt but play dumb.

“What is happening?  Is this another Event? Someone help me.”

How embarrassing when everyone just took video.

I finally made it back into my seat and it wasn't pretty getting there.  I had to hook one of my feet under the arm of my seat and push off with my hand and then PULL myself into my seat and buckle up.  Since I had tossed my bag onto my seat, I sat by the window.  Thankfully I did not have anyone sitting with me. 

The rest of the flight was a nightmare as several strangers tried to sit in the seat next to me and ask me questions and wanting a picture with me.   I finally got them to leave me alone when I shouted “The next person who bugs me will have me puking on them.  Ya’all are making me SICK!”  

Now that got me an icy cold ginger ale from the airline steward, he was very nice.  He even gave me an extra cookie.

The only ones who did NOT try to bug me were my professor and the other four students in our group.   I think they were in shock.

When we landed, I waited until everyone was off the plane before I unbuckled.  Thankfully I was back to normal, well normal for the ‘new’ me anyways.  No floating.  I was so relieved.  

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