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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter One

Chapter One

I wasn’t even supposed to be on that plane that day.   But someone had a change of plans and the nice lady at the ticket counter offered me that seat.  I was in no real hurry but it was an upgrade with no cost increase.  So being practical and hoping to get a few more things done once I got home, I took her up on her offer. 

Of course when The Event happened, I was napping while listening to my IPod but I still felt a bit of a jolt and tingling sensation.  I thought it was just a dream because I’ve always had very vivid dreams.  So I thought nothing more of it … well until about three weeks later at my Aunt’s ranch.  When her animals started talking to me and I understood them.  Little did I know then, that was just the beginning.  

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