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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

All morning long, we went all over the gardens, inside and out and in all those amazing glass greenhouses.  I loved the main two story one and sat on a wood bench on the top floor sketching many of the plants.  I had already filled two of my camera SD cards up.  I still had three to go.  But sometimes you just had to draw the plants.

wasn't too bad of an artist when it came to drawing plants.  Staria was a great artist.  One could look at a drawing of hers and they would try to pick up the plant or flower.   I think the rest of us were pretty good because we drew all the time and practice does make one better. 

Now I had not forgotten about “Operation: Tangled” and had the little envelope in one of the smaller pockets of my backpack.   My plan was to go and “explore” the capital building during our lunch break and find all the best places to plant.  Since it was Friday, there should not be too many gardeners’ left working the grounds that afternoon.  Then when we were done at the botanical gardens, the rest of the group planned on going to some fancy Indian restaurant.  I told them that food from India did not agree with me nor did I agree with it so I’d go grab something and just head to the hotel. 

That part worked great.  I had figured out at lunch exactly where to plant all the seeds.  I was getting anxious to find out how my little experiment worked.  I figured if the hay would grow a foot and a half in three days, Kudzu should grow anywhere from five to ten feet in a day.  I thought that would be a good guess.  I was wrong.

I was so nervous when I strolled back to the Capital Building.  I mean that was where congress passed all our laws and such.  But I figured if a president could bang some intern in the Oval Office, people in that building probably did worse. 

But I didn’t want to get caught and here I was walking through the grass, touching all the trees that surrounded the building, with sweaty hands holding all those seeds. 

Thankfully I did not have to actually DIG into the ground and PLANT the seeds, I just kinda sprinkled them here and there by the walls. 

I would hold a few in one of my hands as I walked around “engrossed” in all greenery.  Yes I touched every single plant I could as I sprinkled two or three seeds here and there.

I made it all the way around the building but still had some seeds left.  Not a lot …maybe three dozen?  My thoughts turned to “what else” and my eyes looked up and saw, The largest Phallic symbol in the country. 

The Washington Monument.

Oh yes I did!


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  3. I like the character. She seems very likable.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm glad you like her :) enjoy the rest of the story!


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