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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

The first semester of college went really well.  I choose my major: botany and minor: chemistry.  I was debating doing a dual major with environmental sciences but decided to wait until next semester to decide.  I tested out of most of the “general courses” so that I could devote my time to my actual degrees.

I have a set of personal rules for myself and tend to get aggravated when people want me to “bend” them.  And there came a night at the end of the semester, with only ONE day of final exams to go, when I had to take action and use my powers to defend myself. 

I had just come out of a LONG study session at the college library and I had to walk past fraternity row to get back to my dorm.  Well parties were going on and it looked like the whole campus was at the house I called the “Jerky Jock House” which housed many of the football jerks.  I can’t count the number of times they hit on me.  It really bugged the crap out of me.  Well tonight was no exception and a couple of the fellas took it too far.

They caught me just as I was getting ready to cross the road and drug me back towards their frat house.  They were not taking NO for an answer and they were SO drunk that I swear I got a bit of a high off their breath. 

One thing you may not know about college campuses is that there are a LOT of feral cats that live on them and only come out at night.  I have to say that they were starting to hurt me and so out of fright I called out to all those cats for help. 

I must have meowed instead of using English cause the boys paused for a moment and looked at me.  I tried again to break their hold and get away but they jerked me as they began to walk again.  Oh they started to say some HORRIBLE things about what they were going to do to me and “goodie two shoes” was the nicest thing they called me.  “Frigid B” was another.  I called again and could hear cats calling back. 

Suddenly about twenty yards from the frat house, dozens of cats descended on us.  Well on the two boys.  Oh they let me go right quick then because they were trying to get all the cats off of them.  I ended up between them and the house and I wanted to get out of there so I thought “why not” and ran a few steps and up I went.  When I was up about 15 feet, I called the cats again and they disappeared as fast as they showed up and I flew away towards my dorm.

The next morning I was all over YouTube and Twitter and fifty other social media sites.  Darned if someone hadn’t taped the whole thing with their phone.    I didn’t even know until I went in to take my last final.  When I walked in, everyone applauded.  Oh did I mention that those two boys were in that class?  They were a mess, scratches and bite marks all over them.   I was surprised to see the amount of damage but thought they deserved it.  

But what really surprised me was their heartfelt apology.  They didn’t even try to use their drunken state as an excuse.  And of course I was bombarded with questions that I did not want to answer.  The professor finally got the room back under control and gave us our exam.  Which I’m pleased to say I did pass with an A. 

Afterwards I went back to my dorm and watched the video.  It was not hard to find.  The heading “Flying Girl Calls Cats to Defend Her.” Is that stupid or what? 

Oh and then other students found out where my dorm was and a never ending knocking and yelling began.   I kept quiet and didn’t answer the door.  After three hours, they went away.  I was beginning to wonder how I was going to get away so I could go home.  

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