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Thursday, June 18, 2015

starting over, kinda

Hi everyone!

First I want to say I truly appreciate ya'all coming here and reading my little stories.  Your comments and attention mean a lot to me.

Now with that said, I have been having trouble with blogger for a while now and they have NOT responded to any of my inquiries.  So I've made the decision to move my blog.

I've set up a new forum where I can actually communicate with people!  I hope you check it out.

As soon as I get my stories all moved over there, I will be deleting this blog.  I will be keeping "Kaijafon's Tidbits" because I love to read many blogs.  I also hope to entice other authors to post their stories there.  :)

Chris over at Freedom of the Hills actually gave me the idea for a forum.  Just took me awhile to really "go for it".

Anyhoo, I hope ya'all will join me over there.  :)


I know, not a very inventive name.  lol!

Take care!