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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty

The plane ride home was uneventful thankfully!  I kept my butt in my seat and buckled with my bag right next to me.

There was a lady with one of those itty bitty dogs, some kind of tea cup terrier or something.  It had long hair and was really cute but as dumb as a rock!  We hit some turbulence and instead of whining that dog thought it was some kind of ride and would say “WEEEEEEEE!”  Well maybe it did sound like a whine to his owner because she would start fawning all over him and cooing to him thinking he was scared.  After this happened twice, I leaned over and told her that he was loving it. 

She just looked at me like I was crazy.  That’s ok.  The dog was eating up all that lovey dovey crap from her. 

Most of the chatter on the plane was about the plants that went haywire in DC.  I caught snatches of conversations here and there.  Finally I put in my earphones and played my IPod.  I did do some googling though when we could use our phones. 

Yes I laughed out loud when I read some of the speculations making the rounds.  One newspaper declared that plants were going to take over the world and enslave us all.  Another one thought that man eating plants would be soon coming for everyone.  One “expert” thought that it was some other type of Event and radiation from the sun had something to do with it.  I finally put my phone away and dozed off until we landed.

All our vehicles were on campus except our professors who had driven us all to the airport.  So we all went to campus.  Since Staria and I were the only ones with plant experiments currently going on, we headed to the greenhouses to check on things.  I managed to go ahead and plant my peach seeds, making sure they went into the proto-room.  All data and boring dates and such recorded on my laptop.   They’d go home with me Friday.

I also used the time to begin to design my new experiments.  I tried to come up with some smart and snappy name but I was having a hard time trying to name my plant growing ability.  How do you label an ability that speeds up plant growth?  I left it for later. 

I decided on five sets of samples using radishes.  One set would be my control and planted without me touching the seeds or plants at all.  The second set would be me just touching the seeds but never touching the plants again.  The third set would be me NOT touching the seeds but only touching the plants ONCE.  The fourth set would be me not touching the seeds but touching the plants once a week. The last set would be me touching the seeds and the plants once a week.  I knew I could expand this out to more sets of samples but I felt five sets would be enough for the initial experiment. 

I really did not worry too much about people eating what has been enhanced by my ability since the animals and my Aunt and even Kassie and I had been eating stuff at her ranch already for weeks and I’ve not seen any difference in any of us.  But I’d still keep an eye on us all.

Since we went to DC on the first weekend of Spring Break we still had a whole week left so everyone went home Monday morning.  I decided to gather up my plants in the proto-room and take them home with me.  Aunt Becca had given me a bit of room in the older greenhouse that she keeps her exotic plants in.   

She was thinking of getting two more greenhouses and growing coffee plants in one and tea in the other.  She got the idea when I accidentally messed with her two coffee plants and they responded generously.  The beans she collected about a week later were a deep but mellow coffee flavor.  She said that these plants usually put out more of a bitter flavor, which is why she was down to two plants.

Yes I know I’m ramblin’ again but dern it all, this is my journal and I’m a gonna ramblin’ if I want to.  SO there! Hhahahaha! 

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