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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

And that is why when you woke up that Sunday Morning all the news was a flutter over how both the Capital Building and the Washington Monument were all tangled up in Kudzu.  

I was thrilled when they actually used the word “tangled”.  My mission plot was a huge success. 

And the best thing is that due to the videos taken on the plane and my group knowing I could talk to dogs, NO ONE even thought to think about ME being the one who did it.  I guess no one thought one of the Affected could have THREE abilities.  Even though several videos and pictures managed to capture me walking around the places no one could really see my face.  None in my group had a clue it was me. 

Now I’m sure you saw some of the pictures of them trying to hack out all that kudzu, it took them almost the rest of the year to get rid of it all.  Can I help it that it would regrow over night?   Any part of the plant that was left would just keep growing and making seeds which would drop to the ground and grow just as quickly as the parent plant.  I watched each news article closely and kept good notes on it.  

My conclusion was that my abilities made the Kudzu grow at a rate of 120 times its normal growth.  So either that ability was getting stronger or it was the Kudzu growth abilities.  I would have to begin several different experiment samples to determine if my ability was getting stronger or if it reacted differently with different plants.   Radishes were a small plant that grew fast, so I’d start with those.  I did not want to start some new invasion of Kudzu where I lived.  I should have enough data about Kudzu from the event in DC.  And I could always find another spot that needed to be tangled up for a while.  Maybe the New York Stock Exchange?   

Now when I was in DC, I tried real hard to be careful in Atriums of the Botanical Gardens but I guess I was not careful enough.  Yeah, those plants got out of control pretty quick too.   I found a small article about that on the web. 

So while I did have mostly success, some things did not go as planned.  Oh and all those plants and trees I touched as I walked around the Capital Building… HUGE!  And oh so healthy!

There was this one peach tree that I had touched and I went back by it the morning before we left and picked a dozen peaches to take back.  I was going to feed them to my group and see if anything would happen.    But I changed my mind when I bit into one.  DELICIOUS!  These babies are MINE!

Ok, I may let them each eat one but the seeds are mine!

Turns out I had to share the peaches, TSA said we had to eat them since they would not let me take them through security.  But they did let me keep the seeds.  I was careful to not touch them.  I just held the envelope (yes the one that the Kudzu seeds had been in) open and they dropped the seed in.  I put that into an extra ziplock bag I had.  I was gonna be watching everyone very carefully over the next few weeks.

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