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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Watering the Tree

Watering the Tree

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

It began with a bang of a gavel. The second revolutionary war that is.

And it was televised across the whole world. repeatedly. At the time, only a few knew that. But it didn't take long for the feed to go viral. By the time the verdict was read, 412,000,000 Americans were glued to their iPhones, apple watches, and various other electronic devices.

There was no closing of this Pandora's box.

The judge was stoic, confident the jury would find this man guilty. After all, America had been historically changed for the better these past ten years. No more unfairness or some having nice things while others had to suffer with less. This man had illegally kept two weeks of food in his house! How selfish! That food should have been distributed to those without food. Soon it would be since once he is found guilty, it would be removed from the storage facility and sent to the food bank. Minus of course any luxury foods.

The new president, who preferred to be called 'your eminence', had wrote several executive orders on her first day in office. The hoarding law was the third one signed.

The judge was shaken out of his musings by his bailiff "the jury is ready your honor."

The judge coughed to cover his lack of attention "madam foreperson, has the jury reached a verdict?"

"Yes your honor, we have." She said with a warm smile.

So confident of how they would rule, the judge didn't ask to see the verdict first, as was the normal procedure.

The forewoman began to read.

"We the jury have been asked to represent We the People.

"Therefore it is with the upmost respect for each citizen of the United States of America that we render this verdict.

"We the jury find the "fairness food for all" law to be unconstitutional and therefore null and void. It has violated statue one of the Constitution of the United States, which states all laws must be understandable to the people and directly to the point.

"We further find the agency "Homeland Security" to have illegally confiscated the goods and funds of "Warren F. Waterson" and demand these goods and funds be returned immediately in the same condition it was taken in."

The judge exploded and began banging his gavel on the bench yelling for order as the courtroom exploded with shouts of dismay from the liberal spectators. Then began a low chant of "we the people". The louder it got, the harder the judge banged. Finally the judge demanded "arrest the whole jury!"

The bailiff tried to step forward to do just that, but the forewoman used her second amendment and pulled her gun, aiming right between the bailiff's eyes. "Sit down and relax. You have no right to suppress my rights. This will be read. All the people will hear it." 

She looked the judge right in the eye and again gave that same warm smile, "Smile you're on candid camera!" 

The judge did not know it but the whole trial had been recorded and the verdict was streaming live. The forewoman continued.

"A fine of no less than 1000 percent shall be paid in value for anything not returned as specified. In addition, we find Homeland Security guilty of unlawful search and seizure and thus must pay the defendant one million dollars per day from the date of the illegal raid. We the jury, highly recommend the dissolving of this agency for their illegal activities.

"Finally, we the jury find that the prosecutor, in their attempt to enforce this illegal law, to be guilty of breaking the Constitution of the United States. Therefore we fine them $150,000 per day they spent on this illegal activity. Payable to the defendant within 24 hours of the reading of this verdict.

"As representatives of the People of the United States of America, this verdict may not now or ever be over turned."

The uproar was tremendous. The judge was banging his gavel so hard it actually broke. He was screaming for the jury to be arrested on charges of treason. But there was so much media there, that in the chaos they all were helped to slip away.

These brave twelve men and women became infamous whether they wanted to be or not. Ten were martyred and two led the country to true freedom.

It took exactly thirteen hours and seven minutes for the names and faces of the jury to be plastered all over the Internet and tv. The loudest were those seeking their deaths but there were those who agreed with the verdict and were not afraid to say so or to take action.

O'Reilly called them patriots which spurred several more juries to use jury nullification. That process which judges are suppose to inform juries about but never do. Law after law was nullified as the next three months rolled by. 

It got to be that no juror could be found that hadn't studied up on the Constitution. Judges wanted to drop juries all together but defendants demanded their rights.  In fact, MOST of the People began to demand all their rights according to the Constitution.

This caused the president to suspend the constitution, tell congress to go home, and declare martial law. Yes, she firmly drew the line in the sand.  She was on the wrong side.

Battles broke out all over the country, usually started at the court houses.

Men and women abandoned the military in droves and joined the so called rebels, fighting for freedom.

Governmental personal began to go into hiding or resign as they became targets due to their unconstitutional stand. Several of the liberal out spoken ones were assassinated the first week.

It was almost like someone planned it all.

The Tree was heavily watered by both tyrants and patriots.  It came out of its death throws and grew stronger day by day.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mother Hen's stories

Many of you know about Kathy's stories.  

Well she is about to finish up "Georgie" and has been posting several new chapters.  

HERE:  GEORGIE  is the beginning of this dark story.  

We all have our own ideas about what will happen when the world dies but this takes a turn that shows just how apathetic yet power hungry people can really be.

Many of us already know that only some people actually value the lives of children.  With over 65 MILLION abortions since Roe vs Wade; people have shown that life has little value.

This story is about children who are having to grow up fast.  Well worth a read.  IF it doesn't shake you to your core and really make you think, well it should.  Some of the things you should be thinking of is how would you protect your kiddo if they had something the government wanted.  

Ok, enjoy the read.