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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Five

Chapter Five

It took the government a bit over three weeks to find the farm.  I’m kind of disappointed in them for taking so long.  I mean, really, they ARE the government and are supposed to have all kinds of information on us all.  My file seems to have a whopping two pages.  TWO PAGES!  That should tell you how boring I am… or was.  I almost was so insulted that I blew my story but the thought of being sent to some windowless building and studied for who knows how long kept my lips sealed.

They were only there for less than an hour.  I guess my rather plain looks and (pretend) over eager to please attitude ran them off once I went through my story. 

Yes I was on flight blah blah blah on that Saturday and yes I did feel some kind of jolt.  No I did not have a headache (I guess many of those affected did have one) Yes I came straight here. No I’ve not had anything strange or weird happen to me or around me.  No I have not been contacted by anyone else.  Yes I have been sleeping well. Blah blah blah blah!

Of course me being me, I decided to question them.  What is going on? Did something happen to me on that plane? Am I ok? Do I need to go a hospital?  Am I going to die? I’m sure you get the idea of what all I asked. 
Hahaha! I never even gave them time to answer one of the questions, let alone all of them.  As my Aunt said, I was quite shameful in my begging and pleading with them.  

They could not get out of there fast enough. 

We figured they may have the ranch watched for a few days so I kept my ‘powers’ under control and did not use them at all.  And that is how I found out I had a third power.  

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