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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Thankfully, I was alone in my room since my roommate had already left.  She had had her last final exam two days prior.  I called my Aunt and explained what happened.  Of course, I had to listen to a twenty minute lecture about being more careful.  But she was furious at me begin attacked and abruptly hung up on me.  Thirty minutes later she called back.  Seems she called the Dean AND the Chancellor of the college about what happened and asked what they were going to do about it. 

Both my Aunt and Kassie came and got me.  I had everything packed up and managed to sneak it all down to the lobby at 3:30am.  No one was around.  Kassie was all excited and said she has watched that video a hundred times at least.   She wanted to know why I meowed when I usually just spoke English.  I didn’t really have an answer for her since at the time I was scared and desperate for help. 

Over the winter break, my Aunt did not give up about what happened to me and by the time the spring semester began a new program was in place for anyone who felt they needed an escort to their dorm could call security and have two people walk them to their dorm.  You could even request specific people.  It was run by volunteers who had to go through training and pass a physical that made the football guys cry.  There is a local martial arts club (three actually) who volunteered to be escorts.  Not only did this program work great, the clubs got many new clients.  One of which was me. 

Another thing my Aunt got was a settlement from the boy’s families.  And that bought my first vehicle.   I did speak at their hearing, both the college hearing and the criminal hearing.  I truly believe they would not have gone to such extremes if they had not been drunk.  Though they did choose to get drunk.  I also felt that the cats did a thorough job of “punishing” them.  They both have some nasty scars.  Now I could be wrong and they could be good actors, but it turns out that both those boys transferred to a different college anyways and I never saw them again.   Both hearings ended up being more about my abilities than what happened.  I declined to answer those questions. 

During the winter break, Kassie and I experimented with all the ranch animals and a few wild ones.  Seems I was able to speak THEIR languages too.  More like Dr. Doolittle.  UGH!  I don’t know who laughed more during that time: Kassie or the animals.  And yes I could carry Kassie but could not go too high up.

Thankfully the “Flying Girl” story disappeared and got buried under new stories and when I went back, things were calm and very few bothered to say anything.   It helped that I got a different haircut and contacts.  No one was quite sure if it was me or not. 

The weeks were flying by until it all changed.

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