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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

The evening went great! Everyone was kind yet curious and we had a nice long talk and I told them all the wonderful things about my puny abilities…well TWO of them.  I did NOT mention my way with plants.  I actually got a kick out of explaining to them how the animals talk to me and related what happened when my Aunt Becca rounded up the two cows and three pigs to be sent off to butcher and how the other animals were talking about how some of them were sent away and never came back and they figured they went to a better place.   I also told them about how the chickens complain about us taking the eggs they worked so hard to make each day but that I could distract them so easily with a handful of meal worms that would scream as the chickens ate them.

They were concerned for me to hear all that and wondered how I handled it.   I guess since I had already had a lot of experience on the farm, I never really thought differently of the animals despite being able to talk to them.  Maybe I was in denial? 

But I think I turned Bella and Jan into vegans with all my talk.  They looked horrified when I mentioned the meal worms screaming.  And since I was feeling a bit feisty and those two were kind of snobs already, I told them how I’d heard two house spiders talking once about wanting to go find a rich fancy house and climb into the humans noses as they slept.    I think I may regret that one later. 

Those two are actually very sweet but in a snobby kind of way.  They just don’t know any better it seems.  But they are also very generous.  For example Bella saw a homeless man holding a “will work for food” sign as we were walking to the Botanical Gardens.  Our hotel was just three blocks away.  Well she decided to give him some advice. 

“Dear man, you should try to grow some food for yourself.”  

See what I mean?

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