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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Two days before we were leaving for DC, I went for the seeds.  It was a beautiful night, one that just begs for a midnight walk about campus, which is much safer now thanks to Aunt Becca.   But most people were indoors by 1am and that is when I went for my own walk.   I didn’t encounter anyone as I made my way to the greenhouses but that could be because I was flying. 

I flew to the window of the lab that had the seeds I wanted.  It was just as unlocked as when I checked it three days before.  Ok, I was NOT very graceful going into the window, but YOU try to fly to a window and open it and crawl in; I doubt you could do better.

I pretty much fell into the room and knew I’d be sore later.  At least I landed semi on my feet; ok, my feet and my butt.  It could have been worse, like I could have landed on my head.

I turned on my headlamp on the red light setting and went into the storage room where the freezer was.  It only took a moment to open the ten pound (at least) bag holding the seeds and transfer enough to fill my little coin envelope.   I must have gotten hundreds of seeds. 

I had gloves on, so no prints and no seeds touched by my ability.  Everything back in place and I was back at the window, slowly flying through it again.  I grabbed the window so I could close it and then I was back in the air headed back to my dorm.  Easy peasy – and thankfully no new video’s online in the morning.

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