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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind

This is an offshoot of a story found HERE.

The Affected: Dancing Wind


Most people now know about “The Event”.  The Event which produced “The Affected” -Those who were riding in planes on that day –That Saturday at about not quite noon (11:47am to be exact) when a major solar flare that Sun set off, mixed up with some space dust which in turn ‘affected’ people between puberty and old age who were in airplanes way up high.  It only hit in the western hemisphere so there were approximately 118,242 people.  Their very DNA was changed and they could do things.  Some got “super” powers, like great strength or speed.  But some got not so great powers like the ability to grow a beard in five minutes or always knowing which direction you were facing. 

Well this is a story about a young lady who was ‘Affected’ but not with great powers.  

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