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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Epilogue


Well several weeks have gone by since I went public.  Dr. Rambles has been working with some powerful affected to “get the truth” out of our so called government officials.    But I’ll let her tell all about that if she chooses to do so.

I found out that “Fab” was short for Fabio, seems his mom was really into those bodice ripper romances that Fabio modeled for.  Yes, we’ve kept in touch with that Farm and I think Aunt Becca takes too many trips out there to take seed to them.    Now that partnership began with her taking them some seed as a thank you for helping me.  She took them some agave plants that I handled also.   They now make the best tequila in the world.   All legal like too.  ;)

As for me, I’m back at Aunt Becca’s ranch but I also have been working with the “good guys” of the Affected.  Here and there.  Sometimes I’m just able to gather some information where others have failed.    Dr. Rambles does a whole lot more than I can. 

I’ve had to restart all my experiments and such.  But I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to find the limits of my abilities.   While extreme stress does seem to enhance them, regular stress doesn’t.   

I really didn’t like being in the spot light and thankfully, I was ‘forgotten’ when more powerful Affected “came out of the closest”.  Hahahaha!  I like the quiet life. 

Aunt Becca is glad that the worse seems to be over and  has managed to wrangle a 5000 year contract with the government that NO government official or agency will ever take away her Ranch.   She did the same for the Farm which included all the land around it that was federally owned.  It’s huge now and that family has its hands full.   I don’t know how she does that.   She got all the water and mineral rights too.   She even managed to get some money for the damage the Feds caused when they stormed the ranch.  And then some extra.  Sorry taxpayers. 

Kassie is still amazing.  She has really blossomed into a natural botanist and has begun to make hybrids out of some of the plants I’ve been working with.   So not only is she still helping/apprenticing with me, she has begun her own experiments.  It’s awesome to watch.

The Greenhouses are bursting with plants and we’ve planted new orchards and gardens.  One of the things we’ve begun is testing the potency of some of the medical herbs.   We are looking for other farms to work with and are carefully going through all the applicants.  Only GOOD people will be chosen. 

I think if we plan it just right…and only deal with the people… we will be able to wipe out hunger in our country…and then we will tackle the world.   My Aunt has already begun working with schools in our area and sending “dinner” home with those kids who will take it.  We are making gardens at the schools for the kids to help with; I’ve just been handing out seeds.   The kids are even bringing seeds for me to touch for their own gardens at home. 

I’ve narrowed down what actually happens when I touch the seed.  The vibrations in me “jiggle” the DNA in the seeds to work more efficiently.  So instead of a lot of seed that never germinates, all the seeds do and they use their stored food more efficient until they emerge from the soil.  Then they are able to use sunlight 100%.  It’s just amazing watching what happens.   Even under the microscope. 

These vibrations are also what seem to allow me to understand and talk to animals.  It’s like my whole body just vibrates differently.  I wondered what was happening with my brain and so went in for a cat scan, MRI, and another brain scan that I never heard of.  My brain is like all lit up.  One of the staff brought in their “mascot” Sparky.  He is a beautiful Golden Retriever to ‘talk to me’ during that last scan and I guess my brain just really went nuts… but in a good way.   The same with me flying, these vibrations manipulate the air. 

So as you can guess, I’m spending a lot of time learning to control these vibrations and my abilities. 

Oh, and Betty is acting like an old married horse with Stanford, but anyone can see how happy they are.  And she is going to give birth sometime early next year.

I can talk to her filly too.  


  1. Awesome story, thank you so much ! Waiting eagerly on book 2 with the other affected's stories :)

    1. Thank you Sonja for commenting!!! I appreciate any and all comments and feedback. At the beginning of the story is a link to PAW fiction where two other stories are about "The Affected", one is done and the other in progress, both very good IMO. Thanks again!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sweet story with just enough silly and seriousness to make a person "think". Hmmmm, maybe "thinking" is a super power we could all benefit from.


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