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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mother Hen's stories

Many of you know about Kathy's stories.  

Well she is about to finish up "Georgie" and has been posting several new chapters.  

HERE:  GEORGIE  is the beginning of this dark story.  

We all have our own ideas about what will happen when the world dies but this takes a turn that shows just how apathetic yet power hungry people can really be.

Many of us already know that only some people actually value the lives of children.  With over 65 MILLION abortions since Roe vs Wade; people have shown that life has little value.

This story is about children who are having to grow up fast.  Well worth a read.  IF it doesn't shake you to your core and really make you think, well it should.  Some of the things you should be thinking of is how would you protect your kiddo if they had something the government wanted.  

Ok, enjoy the read.  

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