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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Affected: Dancing Wind Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

Yes I am NOT ashamed at all.  I called every spider, ant, fly, roach, and creepy crawler I could think of. 

And they came.  Boy did they come. 

The bad guys (or whoever they were) began to beat on the door and make threats telling me I better move the bed and such and let them in.

Did they really think I was that stupid??

Well they began to scream when the fire ants poured out of the small gap in the door and began to bite them.

The one time I thanked God for fire ants! 

There were only three guys, the “Mountain” and the two geeks.  The mouthy geek and the quiet geek. 

I think that the Mountain squealed louder than the other two but I could definitely hear three squealers out there.  And they then ran and left my door open.  I did not waste any time.  I shoved the bed out of the way and ran out the door.  All the bugs had followed the three men. 

As I began to run down the hall, I saw an open door and peeked in.  It was the monitor room and I could see other rooms on different monitors.  Dr. Rambles was on one of the screens.  It looked like she was asleep on her cot. 

I remembered she and I had been talking when I was hit by the dart.  They must have got her too.  I hope they just took her because she was there and not because they knew about her ability. 

There was a number 3 written on a scrap of paper and taped to her monitor.  There were five all together and the one with just fuzz on it had a 1.  I figured that was mine.  All the monitors were watching someone.   Besides Dr. Rambles, there were two other females and one male.  

Just then a siren went off and I bolted out of the room and down the hall, the opposite way of the men.   I came to a door and the handle was jiggling so I shot up above the door frame as close to the wall as I could.  Just in time too, it opened and four men came rushing through.  I stuck my hand in the door way, stopping the door from closing all the way.  As soon as they ran around the corner, I pulled myself through the door and closed it. 

Windows.  Lots of lovely windows and a door at the far end that led outside.   Bu the windows showed nothing but a lot of empty fields.  No other buildings.  Some trees here and there.  Even the road looked worn and faded.  It was a single lane dirt packed road that may have had asphalt on it long ago.    The door was glass but only showed a small parking lot that had six vehicles in it. 

I was in some kind of reception area.  Or at least that is what it probably was back in the 40’s.  But that’s ok.   Because there were PLANTS in the room!  Lots of plants.  Why there were plants, I don’t know and didn’t care but I totally got to work. 

The reception room (as I began to call it) had those HUGE built in planters that were the rage decades ago.  So I crawled into one and began to touch and talk to the plants. 

Something different happened that day.  It wasn’t like when I touched the hay and became exhausted.  This was, well how do I explain something I am not sure I understand?

This was a ‘give and take’ with the plants this time.  It was like they could sense my desperation and so opened up to me more fully.  I felt literally connected to them all and I did not have to touch every single plant. 

We became one.  It was bizarre and so far, I’ve never felt that same thing.  Some of the plants were very old, I’d say at least 30 or so years old.  Remember we are talking about huge planters.  Like twenty feet long as they followed the windows and six or seven feet wide –from the window to the outer edge.  And the plants had already filled the planters.  They were well established. 

I think the difference may be because the planters had a water system that was like a drip system so they had constant access to water.   I’m not sure how they set it up but I could sense that the more water the plants used, the more water would be ‘pulled’ from the system.  And “we” pulled a LOT of water from it. 

There were five kinds of ivy type plants growing and I “sent” them through the duct system. 

I met a nice mouse in the planter I was sitting in and he introduced me to his family, all 389 of them.  They were more than happy to help me. 

And here is where it got really freaky.  I began to be able to see through their eyes.  I felt like the Beast Master (you know that old movie with Mark Singer? No? well google it then.)


  1. I remember Beastmaster and even have a copy of it. Way cool. LOL

    1. LOL! I remember watching it as a younger person and wishing I could do that! Plus I had a major crush on Mark Singer. lol!


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