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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Small Town Survival -Two


Since it was already way past time to close the library, Gracie put a note on the door for Sammie's parents and after locking up; she put some books and a nice thick blanket in the back basket of her bike and decided she would take Sammie with her.

This bike was very unique. It was a three wheel "tri"cyle with a deep basket between the back two wheels and another basket off the handle bars. The seat was more like a go cart seat with a comfy sheepskin cover that Gracie made herself. She even had a canopy over it so she wouldn't get wet if it rained. Her husband had rigged it for her a couple of months after they got married when he realized that she would never drive a car. She just plain ole didn't like the things!

Gracie and her bike were watched out for whenever she was on the road. The townsfolk loved having an "eccentric" people in their town, and they had their fair share of them.

"Sammie, how about we stop and see if your parents are at the bank?" asked Gracie.

"Ok, I'm real worried about them, it doesn't feel right. Things feel icky and wrong. I think I don't like it" replied Sammie.

"Sweetie, it's ok if things feel weird right now, I can feel it to. And if things are kinda scary; well, I'm kinda scared too. Together we will be brave, OK?"

"OK, I'll be brave with you, Miss Gracie" replied Sammie.

When Gracie and Sammie got to the bank, they found a line of people who were trying to get in. The bank manager was outside telling the people that they should not panic and they couldn't make any transactions because there was no power. "Come back tomorrow for the town meeting and we will get things worked out. Go home, check your houses and see what ya'all have. Remember if this is as big as we think, we will need everyone to cooperate and help each other to get through this. Now go HOME!"

Just before he slipped back in, Gracie hollered "Mr. Banks, are Sammie's parents here?"

"They went to Memphis this morning to finalize a deal for us, we haven't heard from them" replied Mr. Banks

"If you talk to them, please let them know that I'm taking Sammie home with me until they can get back. Would ya please do that?" asked Gracie

"No problem Gracie. You will be here tomorrow, won't you?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, see ya tomorrow!" called Gracie as she and Sammie peddled off.

Sammie chatted all the way to Gracie's home. The road they followed was paved most of the way and when they turned off onto the dirt side road, Gracie went a bit faster so she could hit all the little ridges and they could make the washboard sounds: "yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh" as they bumped over each small ridge.

Finally, they pulled onto the driveway. Quickly, they pulled up to the mailbox and Sammie stood up to check the box. "Here you go, here you go, here you go" said Sammie as she pulled the mail out piece by piece. Gracie said "thank you, thank you, thank you" after being given each piece and putting it in the front basket with her purse.

Half way up the driveway, they were met by the "kids". Three healthy and beautiful German Sheppard’s and one fluffy red fox who thought she was a German Shepard.

Sammie was no stranger to the "kids". Many times she would convince her parents that Miss Gracie really "needed" her help. Especially since Mr. Mad (Gracie’s husband, Timothy Madison) went away and left Miss Gracie lonely. So she knew her way all over the old farm and knew how to help take care of the gardens and the animals.

"Can I feed the kids tonight, Miss Gracie?" asked Sammie.

"They would be hurt if you didn't. Can you find the key to the house?" asked Gracie as they got off the bike and gave the kids lot's of love.

"I think you hid it on the second porch in the pillow on the hammock" said Sammie.

Gracie laughed as she pointed to the flower pot full of oregano right next to the porch steps. "Try there first, sweetie."

Sammie poked her fingers into the rich soil in the pot and pulled out the key. "Yeah!!! I found it!" hollered Sammie.

"Good job! Now let's get these kids fed"

So for the next couple of hours they kept busy feeding and brushing the kids, feeding and watering the chickens, cow, and the two sheep. After a good supper of homemade canned soup that they heated on the wood burning stove and a special treat of popcorn popped right in the stove, they went to bed with no word from Sammie's parents.


  1. A very good story. Keep writing and I shall follow. Hope you don't mind, but I've linked you to my blog.

  2. Thank you! and I don't mind the link. :) I appreciate it! thank YOU!


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