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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small Town Survival -Five


Now the Baxter Brothers weren't really that bad. They were just good ole boys who liked to drink and then shoot off their shotguns once or twice a week.

Billy Ray and Bobby Joe were 35 year old twins who lived together with their ma about five miles south of town.

Yes, they got into some trouble, like knocking down poles more often than not; but, the town usually looked the other way since these boys were always willing and able to work or help around; and they worked hard....when their Momma told them to. They didn't listen to too many other people. Thankfully, they had brought her along with them and Momma was in splendid form today.

Now somehow those boys got their beat up old dodge truck from like 1950 something, up and running. Momma Sue (everyone called her Momma Sue) must have started a fire under their butts. In the back of the truck was an assortment of firearms wrapped up in a bunch of Momma Sue's famous quilts. Boxes of ammo were also there.

"You boys help me up to those steps, I's got sometin to say" croaked out Momma Sue.

No sooner did she get standing on the top of the steps, did the whole crowd quiet down.

"Now all you whipper snappers listen to me, 'cause I ain't gonna say it again. I'd not be the Momma if I let that *&%^$ govemment mess with my town! Let alone sum other kinds of riff-raff. So, if'nn they come around, I want yous men to use my Dear Agnus's guns. No arguments! They will be here any day to take what we have to survive on! Besides, I would love some fresh venison stew."

"Anything else you need and we got, you got it! That's all for now" said Momma Sue as she grinned a toothy grin at everyone and had her boys help her down.

Now the mayor decided he better give out the directions and although everyone didn't get as quiet for him as they did for Momma Sue, it was quiet enough for all to hear.

Mayor Fuzzy spoke up "Ok folks, just a couple more quick things. First, we are going to tape instructions and directions and all other important information that you need to know on the inside glass of the court house doors, facing outside so everyone can read them and they are safe from the weather; both here and at the library. If you can think of anything else, please speak up. Second, most of ya'all know Rick from the extension office. He has a few words to say also. Rick..."

Rick is from the agri extension office. He looked very reluctant to speak. "Hi everyone. With everyone cooperating and things going so smoothly, I really hate to bring you any bad news." The crowd groaned. "But, I would rather you know so you can be prepared however ya'all decide would be the best way. Momma Sue is right about someone coming to take our things; I'm talking about FEMA..."

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