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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Small Town Survival -Four


Tucker sighed and said "I really didn't know anything for sure. Just a couple of rumors from that Vet I talk to in Florida. He heard that someone was working on a weapon that no one would like and it would put us years behind where we are now. This man is very rarely wrong. He's the one that said Y2K was going to be nothing much. But, he actually sounded scared about these rumors. So I took it to heart and had ya'all get those extra supplies. Thankfully, you women's listened!"

"So how are the other groups coming along? We are just about ready to start putting our thoughts into action and getting things in order." asked Gracie.

"Well, us manly men are just about ready too," replied Tucker. "We have groups organized for patrols around town and the surrounding areas. We have about 15 trucks that with a bit of repair, we can get working again. Seems the older the truck the easier it will to be to get it running. Old man Floyd figured that one out. The gas stations, thankfully, had their tanks filled before this all happened and have donated all the gas to the town. We also are setting up an early warning system, just in case some no goods end up around here."

Maggie added: "over in the other group, we have divided up into groups and each group is going to check out one or two things. Like I'm helping with checking how the older ones here are doing and seeing if we can make sure that they will be ok and if they remember how to do things. We figure that we will have to learn a lot of things all over. How about you Gracie?"

"Sounds like you and I can work together. I'm keeping the library open so anyone can come and look up how to do things. No books will be allowed to be checked out; but, anyone can come and copy down what they need. That way information is there for anyone to use. Why don't we get together tomorrow and get started setting things up? Maybe we can get some of the older ones in and have them tell us what to do and we can write it all down" said Gracie.

"Sounds like a plan. Although you know how some of our older folks are. Maybe we can go around to them in the mornings and open the library in the afternoon?" asked Maggie.

"That would be great. We'll have Sammie with us and you know how she can charm those older ones" replied Gracie.

Tucker said it was time to get back into the groups to finish up and that the mayor wanted to talk once more with everyone. So they all split up and went back to their groups.

Things definitely were going very smoothly, almost too smoothly and sure enough about one hour into the afternoon session, there was a ruckus.

The Baxter Boys had decided to come to town.

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