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Monday, June 27, 2011

Small Town Survival -Nine


Their wait wasn't too long. All the guys were back within two hours. A couple had some bruises and one was shot in the arm. But nothing serious. When asked, they told what happened.

"There were about fifteen guys coming down from Jonesboro. It seems the prisons were emptied from lack of supervision. These men thought they could just take what they wanted. We met them at the Gibbs farm, were they were being soundly thumped by Granny Gibbs and her brood. Seems she didn't like them thinkin' they could just come in there and take what they wanted. By the time we got there, there was only seven left standing and a couple of those were hightailing it back north. The others put up a bit of a fight as you could tell by the injuries; but, they'll be pushing up daisies this summer. The kids were painting signs for the graves when we left. We helped them bury the bodies in plain sight of the road. I think other trouble makers will think twice before bothering us. One of the signs said: 'I thought I was a man before I met Granny' and another sign said: 'I lay here because Granny was the fastest draw' and there were others."

"You know, it might be a good idea to put some "graves" on all the roads that lead to town. Maybe the "graves" will make others think twice too. We could even put some signs on them. Really make them think thugs were buried there. Might be some good preventive medicine" said Maggie.

"Not a bad idea" said the Mayor "now I'm heading home, thanks for the sandwiches and coffee ladies, it really hit the spot. See ya'all in two days." With those words the Mayor hit the door.

"It is late and I've got to get the kids fed. Tomorrow we are going over to Momma Sue's in the afternoon and in the morning we need to get some chores done." said Gracie.

"Why don't you two come over for supper around 6 and we'll try to get a hold of your sisters again. Maybe one of the Baxter boys will drive you over." asked Maggie.

"No promises; but, we'll try. Night everyone" And Gracie and Sammie headed for home.

Things were more quiet than usual as Gracie and Sammie pedaled up the driveway. The kids were not there to greet them.

Something was very wrong.

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