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Friday, January 7, 2011

If You Abuse it, You Lose it -Twelve


The girl carefully helped her get into a semi sitting position so that she wasn’t flat on her back but propped up on the trunk of the tree they were under.

“Ok, I’m ready to catch her!” said the girl, as she positioned herself between the knees of Melanie.

It wasn’t a pretty sight at first, the blood mixed fluid, the cries of pain. Then the head kinda like popped out and she carefully wiped the wrinkly little face and then eased the first shoulder out. After the second shoulder was out, the rest of the body just slid right into her hands.

Melanie gave a sigh of relief. The girl quickly began to wash the now healthily crying beautiful and in her opinion perfect baby girl. She wrapped the baby in the towel she had and placed her in her mother’s arms. Melanie was getting weaker by the minute but she hugged and kissed little Victoria with all the love a mother could.

“I didn’t even ask your name. Who are you so I can properly thank you for saving our lives?” Melanie asked.

“My Poppy called me Coon, so you can call me that also” the girl replied.

With a smile Melanie said “I thank you Coon for the help you’ve given us and now I must ask another favor. Please care for Victoria, don’t let her be harmed. I know I’m asking a lot for one as young as you must be, but we both know I’m not going to be here much longer. PLEASE, I beg of you; either give her a home or find her a GOOD home where she will be loved and cherished.”

What else could she say but “Ok.” They sat and Melanie told Coon all she could about her history while they marveled over the small miracle that was named Victoria

Victory was in sight! I had followed Poppy to a small cave and as I ducked inside, I could see just the barest hint of light coming from around the second corner of the entrance tunnel. I got too excited and too much in a hurry because I didn’t see the low hanging ridge of the cave until after I whacked it good with my head!

“OUCH!” I exclaimed as I found myself firmly on my butt and not quite sure how I got there. I was seeing stars and then stars around my Poppy’s face as he asked “Coon, you ok there? Did ya get any sense knocked into ya?”

Poppy was like that, trying to make me laugh so as to ease the pain.

“No new sense I guess Poppy” I replied as I dragged myself back to my feet. A dizzy spell almost had me back on my backside, but I managed to stay on my feet.

“Well, I reckon ya found me Coon” Poppy said as he placed the soft leather back pack in my hands. “Now let’s get you home and have Granny look at that hard head of yours, heck ya knocked half the ceiling down when you whacked it!”

Not much longer and we were home with Granny fussing over me, looking in my eyes, putting a ice cold steak on my forehead where a goose egg size lump was forming, and making sure I didn’t go into shock, and clucking like a hen over her chick saying “You know that mama goat is going to give birth any second now. And just how are you going to be able to help me help her if you scare her with that huge thing growing out of your forehead, I just don’t know.” This kind of talk was typical of Granny, she sometimes would answer her own questions to you without you even having to answer for yourself.

“I reckon a nice big bowl of homemade ice cream will have Coon ready and willing in no time at all!” Poppy said with a wink and grin to me. I managed a grin without too much pain.

That night, sure enough Strawberry Shortcake gave birth to the cutest little goat. We named her Half Pint even though The Bugger wanted to call her Grunt. And I forgot all about the lump on my head.

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