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Saturday, January 1, 2011

If You Abuse it, You Lose it -Eight


She grabbed up her book again and reread that last recipe to sooth sore throats once again, for the tenth time. She didn’t know why she was feeling so restless. Maybe she was getting cabin fever. She had stayed in her cave for the last three days because there was once again all kinds of activity going on at and around The Farm and now she knew she had heard a plane. She actually saw it in the distance that morning three days ago.

That does it! She was going back out and not let anyone keep her stuck in her own cave! She quickly packed up her backpack and baby bob, making sure her Grandpa’s knife was secure at her waist along with her sling. Grabbing up her bow and quiver of arrows, she headed out of the cave. Today, she decided she would go north. Surely there wasn’t ANOTHER mad mob of people that way!

She traveled through the woods quickly, noting the coolness of the air and listening for any sounds that should not be in the woods. Out of habit, she looked for any tracks of wildlife and almost tripped when she came up on the set of boot prints. They looked like they were fairly fresh prints! But they looked like they could be her size.

She bent down and really examined them, like her grandpa had taught her. They looked like they were maybe only three or four hours old. She didn’t know if it was curiosity or stupidity that made her follow them.

I was bent down concentrating hard but still wasn’t sure if the bobcat tracks I was following were one or one and half days old.

“Ok Poppy, I’m gonna say that the bobcat came through here about 3 yesterday afternoon. I would say earlier but it rained yesterday morning and these tracks still have a crisp edge to them.”

I looked up expectantly at Poppy, then stepped aside as Poppy bent down to examine the tracks closely.

“I think you’re right Coon. But did you notice here that his left front footprint is not as deep as the other three?”

“I was wondering about that, is he hurt do you think?”

“Could be that or he paused because something got his attention. hmmmmm. You did good! I think we can find us a nice place to eat our lunch and then hit that fishin’ hole. Granny said we weren’t to come back unless we had some fresh bass for supper!”

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