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Thursday, January 6, 2011

If You Abuse it, You Lose it. -Eleven


Now that she was closer, she was able to see that the woman was in very bad shape. She was way too skinny to be getting ready to have a baby and her clothes were ripped and there was blood on them. Making a perhaps rash decision, the girl strode forward towards the woman.

She could tell the woman was in pain by the way she kept clutching her swollen belly and the tears running down her face. But the woman did not scream or cry out loud. She caught the woman just as she began to pass out.

The woman was not heavy at all so it took no time to half drag and half carry her off the road and into the woods. She did glance quickly into the car, but didn’t see anything that would be of use to help the woman. She didn’t think the woman had much longer to live but there was a baby that wasn’t going to wait to be born.

She quickly gathered up a big pile of pine needles and managed to make the woman as comfortable as possible. She dug into her back pack and pulled out a bottle of water and gently, just a tiny bit at a time, poured it into the woman’s mouth. A sharp contraction brought the woman back to her senses and bright feverish green eyes met deep concerned blue ones.

Melanie felt safe when she looked into the girls deep blue eyes and she croaked out a “more water please” which was quickly answered by a water bottle being pressed to her mouth. She even managed to get half the bottle down before another contraction ripped through her body.

The girl had a cloth out and was wetting it with another bottle of water and a small fire going with some kind of kettle on it. There was an enamel coffee cup sitting close to the fire without being actually in it.

“I’m making some tea that will help with the pain and warming some water to wash the baby with. I don’t think you have much longer until your little one is born.” The girls voice was soft yet clear and somehow commanding. Melanie just nodded her head and drank some more water.

But it wasn’t long before Melanie realized that she was not going to live to raise her child. She had gotten a good look at all the blood she was losing even though the girl tried to hide it with more pine needles. And she could feel the life flowing from her. So between the sipping of tea and the pants and gasps of birthing a child, Melanie told her story to this girl child who was acting so adult and helping her.

“I’m having a girl; I want her to be called Victoria since she will be my final victory. Her dad is dead. He was killed by the monsters that broke into our home and found us in our storm shelter. One of those monsters was driving the car that is out there on the road, the one I finished off with my husband’s gun. How I’ve managed to survive is of no importance, but I want her to know how much I love her. She is our only child.” Melanie began and managed to get out before another wave of pain came over her.

The girl had a soft towel and cloth out. The only birthing’s she had ever seen were the ones on her Grandparents farm, but she didn’t think this one would be much different.

Melanie began to feel the urge to push and told the girl “I think she’s coming, oh my GOD!”

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