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Monday, January 3, 2011

If You Abuse it, You Lose it -Ten


The note was brief; basically stating that they knew she was around and although they didn’t know if she was just passing through, if by chance she lived close by; she was welcome to come and talk with them. Darn camera!

She slid the note into back pack and although tried to continue squirrel hunting, her mind was not on hunting; it was on that note and all the good and bad possibilities it contained.

She wasn’t surprised at the turmoil of her thoughts, but she was surprised -due to all the guns she had seen with those people; that they hadn’t hunted her down, maybe they were not so bad.

However, she could not help thinking that the note may be a trap. Once that thought crossed her mind, she began to head away from the area and decided that she would do her hunting on the north side of the cave for awhile. She knew she would have to come and see what they were up to every once in awhile, especially if one or more of them decided to start hunting in the woods. For now she figured that no contact was best, although she might just change her mind when winter set in and she was going crazy from boredom. Besides someone really needed to teach those boys how to walk in the woods! Maybe she would offer to teach them. But she still didn’t know if they were friend or foes. Although from what she had seen, they were definitely a step up from the evil group on the other side of her.

She was traveling fairly quickly, and ended up close to the main road. Just as she was about to let an arrow go and have her squirrel, she heard a vehicle coming down the road. Slipping up into a tree quickly, she peered down the road towards the sound. It was an old car and it was weaving back and forth like crazy.

Suddenly the car swerved too hard and with a loud crack! It hit a tree just about a hundred yards from her and on the other side of the road. She slid down the tree thinking she might be able to help when a woman dragged her very pregnant self out of the car with a gun in her hand. The woman turned back towards the inside of the car and fired the gun until it was empty.

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