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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mountain Movin - Nine

Chapter 9 – Sticky Situations Need Some Elbow Grease.

“So now that you have been captured, I don’t feel so bad about ending up tied up to this here post. Wanna tell me how you got caught?” asked Brock.

“Not really, it’s embarrassing and full of stupidity on my part.” retorted Roni “I really was an idiot! I was changing Erin’s diaper before we were going to go hide and Tracey was in her little cubby. Well, I had just gotten Erin back in her seat with a pacifier and was walking around to get into the drivers seat. I just happened to glance into the side mirror and got a glimpse of a dude behind me with a gun raised above his head. I just didn’t move fast enough. Next thing I knew, I was here tied up next to you.”

“Don’t feel bad, I also got caught with my pants down, so to speak. Wasn’t paying enough attention to my surroundings; a couple of guys from this gang here crept up on me while I was spying on the place. Although I didn’t get knocked out; I was quite embarrassed to be caught like that.” Brock sighed deeply and continued “So I reckon we got less than an hour for Kevin to make an appearance…one way or another.”

“Let’s hope he is a bit smarter than we’ve been.” giggled Roni. “Listen to us, here we are tied up, for now, our babies are in there with who knows who and here I am giggling my butt off.”

“Sounds like a nervous giggle to me. I know how worried you are, I am too. Somehow I’ve come to love those girls as if they were my own! I would gladly give my life for them. And we will figure out a way to get them away safe and sound! So don’t give up hope now!” demanded Brock.

A strange look came over Roni’s face just then. Then they both could hear a soft whisper
“I’m going to cut your ropes, but pretend you are still tied. There is some guy watching you from the window.” Kevin proceeded to cut the rope that was tying Roni’s wrists. They could just barely hear a soft slithering sound and a few moments later Brock’s wrists were also free.

While this was happening, they kept up a soft chatter of worry about the girls. Hoping that it was loud enough to cover any sound Kevin may be making, but not so loud that it sounded false.

They ended up being free and each had a knife pressed into their hands. Then Kevin was gone. They only had to wait about fifteen minutes before a couple of the biker guys came out, they were arguing with each other.

“I’m telling ya Peanut, Critter and Snag should have been back ten minutes ago.”

“JimTom, they are probably off jerking around somewhere.” Then Peanut’s attention was drawn to Brock “Well, are ya comfy there fella?” Then to be mean he walked over to Roni and ran his hand over her chest “Is this your woman? I’m gonna love teaching her new….” was all he got out as Roni’s foot connected with his private parts and he keeled over in pain, not even able to get a whine out.

JimTom pulled Peanut out of the reach of Roni’s foot and started screaming at her. Both Brock and Roni had a hard time keeping their hands behind their backs looking like they were still tied up.

The door was yanked open and Mandy and two of the bikers were standing there. “What the hell is going on out here?” She demanded. Candy pushed herself between the two bikers and to Roni’s horror she had Erin in her arms. It took all of Roni’s inner strength to NOT move and rip Erin out of Candy’s arms.

Since Peanut still couldn’t speak, JimTom started to say something but Roni quickly gained control of herself and broke in with “That creep tried to feel me up and so I put him in his place! I don’t let ANY man touch me that way! He needs to be put down for daring to treat a woman like trash!”

Mandy looked from Roni to Peanut and said “Serves you right Peanut! You have no business touching her until I give her to you. You forgot your place in the way of things and so you should be glad that I don’t discipline you further. Get his ass out of here JimTom and I don’t want to see his sorry face around until morning. You two can pull guard duty all night long!” She then swung her gaze back to Roni who was looking at Candy and Erin. She followed her gaze and said “Doesn’t my sister make a good mom? We are going to keep them and raise them up to not take crap from anyone. Oh yeah, we’ll be changing their names, too.”

Before she could say anything else, an arrow landed in the chest of one of the bikers standing at the door way. As Candy watched the growing red circle surrounding the arrow, Roni and Brock sprang into action, keeping low Brock grabbed Erin out of Candy’s arms and jumped off the porch since he was the closest to her. Roni grabbed Mandy as another arrow found the throat of the other male biker. He went down trying to scream and only gurgled blood.

Mandy began to scream for the others but Roni grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and up, and slit her throat. She went down gagging on her own blood. Candy went hysterical and began chasing after Brock and Erin. Roni barely managed to stick a foot out and trip her up as she started toward the stairs at a full run; she tripped and landed at an odd angle on the ground at the foot of the stairs.

There was a gun shot from inside and Roni ran for the doorway, thinking of Tracey. She skidded to a stop about five feet inside when she realized that Mike Striker had a gun on a big guy who she hadn’t seen yet and as she glanced down, she saw Bubba, the one who had caught her, was dead on the floor. The big guy had his hands up and was silent. There was a gun on the counter not far from him.

Michelle had Tracey with her over in a corner of the big room that they used to serve customers in. The place was a wreck. Roni ran over to Tracey and put her arms around her and gave her a big hug! She didn’t even realize she was crying until Tracey asked her why there were tears on her face. “I’m just very glad to see you and know that you are ok.” Just then Brock came into the room with Erin crying loudly and Kevin following him.

“What about those two, Peanut and JimTom that she sent out?” asked Roni.

“They are no longer a problem.” replied Kevin.

“So what are we going to do with you? You seem to be the last one of this here gang.” asked Mike of the big guy.

Tracey broke away from Roni and ran to the big man, “His name is George and he’s my friend! He shot that bad man who wanted to hurt me.” She declared.

Brock was desperately trying to get Erin to quiet down and Roni was trying to get Tracey to let the big man’s leg go. Michelle Striker spoke up and said “He did protect Tracey, and he is the one that killed that fella over there” as she nodded over to the dead biker “Maybe we should listen to what he has to say.”

Roni turned towards the big man who had no hope in his eyes “Ok, what’s your story?”

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