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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mountain Movin - Five

Chapter Five – So Hard to Say Good-bye

Roni had gone upstairs to find diapers, clothes, and all kinds of stuff that babies seem to need when they get cleaned up. She came back downstairs with her hands full, including a baby carrier.

“Ok guys, I’m going to get Erin cleaned up and fed. Will you two go get our vehicles; do you think you can find the driveway again?” She was worried they might get lost.

“I think we will do fine, I paid attention to the odometer when we were going from the driveway to the rest area and I am pretty sure we can find the jeep and bike.” said Kevin.

It didn’t take the guys too long to get back and begin to clean up the yard. The first thing they did do was dig a large grave for Lana and Marcus. The rest of the bodies, they drug out into the woods, far away from the house. They used Roni’s motorcycle to do that; so it didn’t take long.

They had gone through all the pockets of the bad guys and didn’t find too much. Some cash, a couple of knives, and some ammo for the guns they had been carrying.

After burying Marcus and Lana, they all gathered by the grave and Tracey laid two big roses on top that she had clipped from one of the bushes in the garden by the back door, with just a little help from Kevin. Roni was holding Erin and said a small prayer. Tracey quietly said “Good-bye for now mommy and daddy. I’ll see you again when Jesus wakes you up. Sleep tight. I love you and I will take care of Erin for you.”

None of the adults had dry eyes.

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