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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mountain Movin - Eight

Chapter 8 – When the Going Gets Tough, You Need a Secret Weapon.

narcoleptic - a person who has narcolepsy
narcolepsy (närk-lps)
n. pl. narcolepsies
A disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable, though often brief, attacks of deep sleep, sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations.

There were ten motorcycles in front of the mom and pop shop. The Striker sign looked like it had been shot up and was hanging down on one side. There was a RV off to the side of the parking lot and a heavily tattooed and muscled man was walking out of the door saying something to someone behind him. But the person didn’t come out and he shut the door. There were three guys that were also tattooed and dressed like bikers, watching a skinny blonde woman yelling at one of the posts of the porch. After a few more shouts and a shaking of her fist; she collapsed across the steps in a heap. No one bothered to check her and the show over, they turned their attention elsewhere. The RV door opened and another blonde woman stuck her head out and Brock could clearly hear her yell “Bubba! Pick her up and at least put her on the porch!”

The first man finished walking toward the porch and not so gently picked the limp woman up and half carried and half dragged her all the way up on the porch and over until she was under one of the windows.

‘Hmmmm, wonder what that is all about,’ thought Brock as he continued to watch the scene below. He had seen both Mike and Michelle Striker just about fifteen minutes ago come out of that RV and they didn’t look like they were their happy go lucky selves. Their hands had been tied together and “Bubba” had taken them into the store before he went back to the RV.

So far he had now counted five different male bikers and two blonde females but he figured that there had to be more since there were ten bikes. It looked like the blonde in the RV was the one in charge and if he wasn’t mistaken the two blondes were sisters. He had been on this hill for just under an hour and he needed to get back to Roni and Kevin within the next thirty minutes or they would begin to worry and have to come up with plan B.

It was the “Pick a Number” game that kept Roni from scouting ahead. The adults were not quite, but almost arguing about who was going to go when Tracey said “Pick a number between one and twenty”. Roni picked 13, Kevin picked 5, and Brock picked 15; the number was 16 so Brock “won” and was relieved to know it wouldn’t be Roni.

The pressure on his head and the click of a hammer being pulled back brought Brock abruptly back to the present.

“Weeeeeellllll now, what do you think we’ve got here, JimTom? It looks like some kind of yeller bellied snake in the grass,” came the voice behind the hand that held the gun to Brock’s head.

“Weellllll, I don’t rightly know, Peanut. Think we should drag it back to Miss Mandy alive or dead?” was the reply.

“It’s your lucky day, mister. We are gonna take you to Miss Mandy alive!” remarked the first voice that Brock now knew was Peanut’s.

“Or Unlucky day!” laughed the one called JimTom.

Brock’s heart went from his throat to the bottom of his gut at the laugh from JimTom as they pulled him to his feet, relieved him of his gun, and then half pushed him down the hill.

Back at the truck, Kevin and Roni knew something had gone wrong since Brock was 45 minutes late.

“Knowing my brother, I’m sure he is in some kind of mess. I’m going to get him out.”

“Kevin, just how much self defense or training do you have?” asked Roni.

“None. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight and I’ll have my gun with me.”

“Ok, if you want to go; I won’t stop you. Help me get the truck and trailers hid then you can take the jeep.”

Working quickly, they found a likely spot to stash the trailers but the truck wouldn’t fit in that same spot so they covered the trailers with the camouflage netting they had brought and Roni took the truck and Kevin took the jeep. Kevin heading towards a dirt road that went off of the highway to find a place to park it and then he was going to head to the store on foot.

It was about thirty minutes later that Kevin was lying down on top of a hill and looking down into the small valley where the “Striker’s Restaurant and Gift Shop” set about thirty feet from the road. He could clearly see his brother tied to one of the posts of the porch and there was evidence that he had been knocked around. There were two blondes standing in front of him on the porch and one was acting like she was tripping on drugs, with all her hollering and gesturing and then she would get real close to Brock and start running her hands all over him. The other blonde didn’t seem to be paying too much attention but Kevin could see that she was asking Brock questions and wasn’t getting the answers she wanted. Every once in a while she would slap Brock and the other woman would laugh hysterically.

Kevin’s heart sank when he saw the truck that Roni and the girls had been in pull up to the front of the store. All heads turned to the sound. A big burly man got out of the drivers side and said something to the Boss Blonde and Kevin saw Brock tense up and try to pull at his bonds.

Helpless, Kevin watched as an unconscious Roni was pulled from the passenger side of the truck. Then Tracey was giving heck about something, probably her baby sister. Sure enough when they pulled Erin’s car seat out, Tracey was right there over seeing the safety of her sister. But the big man was very gentle with Erin and Tracey. They tied Roni up onto another porch post and took the girls into the store. The Blondes went inside also.

Kevin was beside himself and slowly backed off the hill and headed back to the Jeep. He was going to rescue his brother and new friend and the girls if it was the last thing he did. Once at the Jeep, he dug around until he came up with two handguns and four extra clips for each. He already had one knife strapped on but he slid another one down his left boot in a special holder that was built into the boot. At the last minute he grabbed one of the bows and a handful of arrows.

The sun had gone down behind the mountains by the time that Kevin got back up to a good position to view what was going on. Roni was awake now and just by her body language, Kevin could tell she was ticked off. He couldn’t see the girls anywhere but the Boss Blonde was talking with Roni and Brock and the other blonde was what looked like sleeping on the porch off in one corner. Looking around, Kevin could see at least two people walking around on the other side of the restaurant going up the hill in the back. Figuring that they would eventually work their way to where he was, Kevin decided to meet them half way and try to even up the odds somewhat.

Roni was livid, the blonde called Mandy, who seemed to be calling all the shots; was refusing to let Roni see the girls.

“I just want to know that they are ok.” Roni insisted “I can hear the baby crying, she is probably hungry. Please let me go to her and feed her.”

“All in good time, the child isn’t going to die unless you try something. Now I want to know if there are any more people out there that I need to be worried about. And please tell me the truth, or those precious girls you care so much about will be the ones to suffer.”

Roni was saved from answering because the other blonde suddenly woke up and was demanding a hit of something.

“Calm down Candy. I have what you need, come on with me to the RV.” said Mandy but to Roni she exclaimed “Don’t think I’m through with you yet.” And the two blonde sisters went over and into the RV.

Roni and Brock locked eyes. Roni was at a loss as to what to say. She didn’t want to get Kevin hurt, but she was not going to do anything that would harm the girls. There wasn’t anyone on the porch right then. All the male bikers were in the store. They could hear Erin crying and Tracey singing to her trying to sooth her and at the same time complaining to everyone in there that her baby sister needed to eat!

“Go ahead and tell her, Kevin will understand. I’m hoping that he is working on a way to help us out here. Even if we tell about him, he can still be our secret weapon.”

They heard a gruff voice inside “Here, I’m going to untie you. Feed that baby so she will shut up!”

A soft voice answered “I don’t have any baby milk,” Roni could tell it was Michelle speaking and the voice softened as she spoke to Tracey, “Honey, is there any bottles in the truck for Erin?”

“Yes, and diapers and everything she needs but the mean men won’t go get anything and Erin is very hungry and she is starting to smell.”

Brock and Roni could hear Michelle again as she asked to be able to go get the bag and a couple of moments later her and a biker walked out onto the porch, a quick look passed between her and Brock. Roni couldn’t help but plead for them to take could care of her daughters.

“Please let me see my girls. I promise I won’t try anything, I really need to hold my baby!” She was ignored as the pair walked down the stairs of the porch, retrieved the diaper bag with bottles and formula out of the truck and went back into the restaurant.

Mandy and Candy came back out of the RV and both Roni and Brock could tell that Candy was rip roaring high. She was talking a mile a minute and practically bouncing towards the restaurant instead of walking. She came right up to Roni and began talking.

“I think I’m going to keep those girls I always wanted to be a momMandydoesn’tcare andiwillbeagoodmomIjustknowIwill, I’llbeamuchbettermomthanourmomwastous!” she rattled on and as she spoke she spit all over Roni. Candy’s eyes were dilated so much that Roni could barely tell what color they were.

It looked like Candy had a Meth habit and that her sister somehow didn’t mind her having it.

“You get your own sister high? What is wrong with you?” asked Brock while observing how Mandy and Candy were interacting. Mandy actually looked amused at her sister’s actions and he could tell that Candy knew she was pleasing her sister!

Mandy decided to answer Brock with “My sister has a medical problem, she is a narcoleptic. By giving her Meth, she is able to stay awake for awhile. Otherwise she will sleep for literally weeks at a time. This way she only falls asleep when I want her too or when the Meth wears off. The only bad thing is she is needs a larger dose of Meth and at smaller intervals. So you see; I do this because I love my sister, not that I’d expect you to understand.”

“Now I’ve seen everything: a narcoleptic meth head!” remarked Brock.

And this remark got him a slap across the face by an angry Mandy who shouted at him “Do NOT EVER make fun of my sister!”

They all stomped inside and slammed the door shut!

Brock looked over at Roni with a grin on his face, she also had a grin. Mandy had just told them her weakness. They had a new secret weapon!


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