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Friday, August 5, 2011

Small Town Survival -Twenty Seven


Brooke dropped her bag and jumped at the lion at the same time he jumped at her. She managed to tuck herself right up under his chin and wrapped her arms around his neck. JJ was dumbfounded only for a second; she quickly gathered her wits and reached into the bag that Brooke had dropped. Her hand came out with the biggest, fattest gun she ever saw. The lion was trying to bite Brooke and JJ yelled at him. He looked up, opened his mouth to roar, and JJ holding the gun with both hands, closed her eyes, said the shortest prayer ever: PLEASE -and fired!

Direct hit, right into his mouth flew the flare!

Brooke quickly let go of the lion and rolled out of his way as he rolled and pawed at the pain in his throat. She jumped up and pulled her 45 out of her leg holster and put the poor cat out of his misery.

“Well, that was something new. It’s not everyday I get to wrestle a lion.” quipped Brooke with her brow arched. Both she and JJ started laughing with relief!

JJ commented “We really shouldn’t let that nice fur go to waste, should we?”

Brooke just got out one of her skinning knives and they set to work.

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