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Friday, August 5, 2011

Small Town Survival -Twenty Nine


They had just finished trussing up the last of the bad guys, when two bright trails streaked across the sky.

Brooke, Sparky, Bobby Joe, and Big Mac all looked up and grinned. The battle had been fought bravely and only ten of their group were wounded and only one seriously. They had really taken the bad boys by surprise. Now the small group of friends who had come so far to find their friend knew she was safe and it was time for home.

“Time to head on home, friends” declared Big Mac. “I take it; you have things here well in hand, eh Tiny Tony?”

“Yep, I reckon things here are going to keeping turning for the better, as long as I have a say so. We need to get more organized and find more supplies, but I think we will do all right. We all thank you for your help. Now we need to get busy living again.”

“I count you as a new friend, and we will be keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers.” With that both men shook hands and the two groups, one big that was now caring for their recovered loved ones moving off toward their neighborhood; and one small. Ken and Scott also shook hands with their new friends and with Debby safe and secure with them, took off towards their home.

“With people like that, this city just might stand a chance of surviving this mess.” Quipped Big Mac.

“Excuse me,” piped up a voice. Brooke turned around and saw JJ and JP standing behind her. “You DID promise to teach me how to do what you did back there, so I’m assuming that means we are goin’ with you, right?” she asked in a half confident and half hesitant voice.

“How can I say no to someone who saved my life?”

Then of course explanations had to given and the prized pelt pulled out of the garbage bag that Brooke had dug out of her pack to put it in. Afterwards they all headed back to St. Jude’s. JJ on the back of Brooke’s bike (she wouldn’t ride anywhere else), JP in the truck with Bobby Joe and Big Mac- talking up a storm, worried about how they would live when they didn’t own anything that would help them (Big Mac told him that he was just a kid and it would all work itself out and there would be plenty of help for him and his sister), and Sparky took the lead on his bike.

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