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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Small Town Survival -Twenty


With a couple of quick flicks of her wrist, Brooke had the man disarmed and flat on his back wondering just what had happened.

“I don’t like it when people point guns in my face” said Brooke in her soft throaty voice.

“Well you sure are handy to have around. I didn’t mean any harm. This is my dad’s shop and I came here to check it for him. My name’s Patrick. If you look in the office, my picture is there with my wife and kids” half pleaded the man trying to NOT sound scared.

Sparky went to get the picture and came back with a photo frame and piece of paper in his hand. He placed the picture next to the side of the man’s head and had to agree that they were the same person.

“So glad you stopped by, we had left you a little note” he said as he helped Patrick to his feet and handed him the paper. Brooke reluctantly handed the rifle back to him.

“Do you really mean what this says?” asked Patrick.

“Yes, we do. We will bring back two cows and fresh produce within one month to pay for the bikes and supplies we are taking” said Sparky. No one commented on how he stressed the fact that the bikes were going with them.

“Listen, I’ll make a real deal with you,” stated Patrick. “None of my family wants to stay here. None of us are slackers either. We just don’t want the hassle of trying to survive in this city when anyone with any sense can see it is total chaos here. So, let us come with you back to where you came from and we will donate any of the bikes here that you can get working and any other supplies you need. We will not be a burden to you, I promise.” Said Patrick.

Both Sparky and Brooke looked at each then at Patrick who could see the gears working in their heads.

“How long will it take you to get ready?” asked Sparky.

“How many are there that are going?” asked Brooke.

Patrick grinned ear to ear and said “We are almost ready right now. We were going to head out of town tomorrow morning. I can have all 13 of us ready in just a couple of hours. And we have two trucks that are running and one jeep that despite seeing better days; runs like a dream.”

They all stepped outside by the bikes, and Brooke noticed an old jeep half hidden behind a dumpster towards the back of the lot.

“Do what you need to do, we have to find our friends and we are all meeting at St. Jude’s at 4pm. If you want to go with us, and we do have a friend that could use your help, be there with whoever and whatever is going. If you’re smart, you’ll bring whatever bikes you can get running and all the spare parts you can fit on your trucks. If I was you, I’d pack like you’re never coming back” said Sparky.

“We’ll be at St. Jude’s by 4pm. I promise and I thank you very much” said Patrick. They shook hands and parted ways. Brooke and Sparky started up the bikes and headed once again towards zoo.


  1. Thank You for the story. Sometimes, I get in a "gloomy" mood from readding all the doom and gloom on the PAW forums and I like to take a week or two off and just read the stories. I makes me feel better and I am also still learning things. So, your writing efforts are much appreciated.

  2. So glad you stopped by and you are enjoying my story! We all need a break every now and then. I try to keep things realistic enough for others to think about preparing but also not quite real enough to really enjoy the "story"! :)


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