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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Small Town Survival -Thirteen


Back in the house Maggie and Gracie were talking over their afternoon plans. Gracie asked Maggie to go over to Sammie's house and see if everything was ok. It was just too far for them to go on the bike. She also asked her to pick up some things for Sammie, like clothes, toys, books. Maybe even any meat that had thawed out. Maggie promised that her and Tucker would do that this afternoon and then come back over here tonight.

"Hey, will ya'all bring the fiddle and banjo? We could use some music. And if you come across anyone...invite them over. I think we all need some distraction. And a good ole fashion hoe down sounds good right now. We can make room for quite a few people. Shoot, we can even open the barn doors and set up a feast of food. Sound good?" asked Gracie.

"You are so right Gracie. We all are running on fumes right now. Let's do it. I'm sure I can get Tucker to run around town while I go through Sammie's house. Let's do it! Let's shoot for six tonight, OK?" replied Maggie.

"Sounds super! You go tell Sammie and Tucker cause one of the boys will be here soon to get Sammie and me."

"Hey, how about if Sammie goes with us? It will give you a break and she can help pick out what she wants from home."

"Ok, if you don't mind. I know Sammie would love to go with you."

Soon after Maggie, Tucker and Sammie left with lots of promises to be back on time and bring lots of people and food. And most especially Music.

And right on time Billy Ray Baxter roared up the drive. It didn't take long to load up the truck and be on their way. Gracie had went ahead and left some chicken and homemade bratwurst at home for the hoe down. She knew there would be plenty to eat. Everybody always brought more than enough when it came to hoe downs and cookouts. She also made sure the jerky was doing well.

They were only about one mile from Momma Sue's when they noticed three men walking toward town. They were not in good shape.

"Pull over, Billy Ray; let's see if these men need some help." said Gracie.

The men turned and looked at them as they got out of the truck.

One of them was Sammie's dad, Samuel.

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