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Monday, July 25, 2011

Small Town Survival -Twenty One


Sam was crying like a baby as he cradled Sandra in his arms. She wasn’t being too quiet either. They were both so glad to see each other. Sandra had been through hell and lived to tell about it.

“When I was walking that lady over to St. Jude’s, she pulled a knife on me. It was so sudden that I screamed. Thankfully, Brooke’s teachings took over and I managed to get away. I ran all the way to St. Jude’s and waited for you. Then I realized that you might be in trouble, so I tried to get someone to help me look for you, and then the generators started failing all over the hospital. So, no one could go with me to look for you. Well, you know me; I decided to go by myself.” She paused, took a small drink from the cup beside her bed and then continued “Sam, it was stupid I know. I was very careful and looked everywhere for you. It wasn’t until I got back to St. Jude’s that I messed up.”

Sam told her that he was in the river, out cold from the blow to his head. He also told her that he may have even been in the truck headed back into Arkansas when she went looking for him and he filled her in on all that had happened to him since he could clearly see that she needed some more time to gather her thoughts and compose herself before she would be able to continue with her story. He also gave her a huge hug from their daughter and told her of the strict orders he had from Sammie to bring “my mommy home safe and sound!”

“I knew she would be safe and that Gracie would take care of her. I miss her like crazy, but wasn’t worried for one minute. She is in safe hands” said Sandra. Then she took a deep breath and continued with what had happened to her.

“When I finally got back to St. Jude’s,” Sandra began, “All hell had broken loose.“

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