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Thursday, December 23, 2010

If You Abuse it, You Lose it. - Two


It has been almost two years now and the world had changed dramatically. Gone are the days when kids bullied each other in school and dinner came from fast food joints or the grocery store. Not that Coon really ever lived a life like that anyways. Not on her Grandparents farm. This new world was dangerous and one survived by using their head or their might.

Coon knew there was a farm about ten miles west of her cave –That Place; it was between her and the closest town. They were the ones that she had seen in town and it was clear that they were getting organized and growing in numbers. She began to see people walking around the grounds -all around; with guns like they were guarding the place. At first they were expanded their grounds, with clearing some of the woods for gardens and they didn’t even seem to know what they were doing. For example, instead of just using the dead wood; they first used the downed trees for firewood. They must have realized their mistake pretty quick since she only saw the darker smoke of a ‘green wood’ fire, for about a couple of days. They were learning. She was also beginning to find signs of them roaming around deeper in the woods. Soon they would be wandering near her cave.

She was getting frustrated with that farm. They were just getting too close for comfort. Every time she went out, she was finding it harder to not be seen. Those people were making their land a virtual strong hold! She would spy on them so that she was aware of what they were doing -for her own peace of mind, and just recently they began building some kind of long building. And they had cameras everywhere now. She figured that they had added an extra two hours for her just to get to town. She used to cut through the woods that ran in the back of their property but it was too dangerous to do so now. She had to go way out of the way to go to town. She really did want to go back to the town and see what else she could gather; she knew it would be even harder to bring anything she was able to find back to the cave.

Coon sighed; she would have to really think about whether it was worth it. Of course she could always try to become a friend of the farm.

The morning dawned early and since she was use to getting up early, Coon was outside when the sun came up. It was going to be one of the fine days meant for being outside and doing something. Since she really didn’t want to deal with “The Farm” (as she was beginning to call it) she decided she was going to go in the opposite direction. What she found was another stronghold and she just knew they were no good. This place made her second guess her decision to stay in the area, now she wasn’t sure if she had made the right decision by staying …not that she knew of anywhere else to go; well there was one place but it was far away. She figured that this was where those people were from that she saw kill the others out on the freeway.

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