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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do or Die Epilogue


It’s been 100 years and the small town of Nysa is now a thriving community with hard working but loving people.

The country has picked itself up by its britches and is also thriving. Law and order have been re-established by good men and women and is based on the Constitution. Government is small and everyone takes responsibility for their actions.

Older ones are cared for by their families which are once again usually pretty big.

Each area makes its own power and they are not interconnected with huge grids that can be taken down with one shot.

Trading is flourishing with buckboards and railroads. No one used gas anymore since there wasn’t much call for it. But there was a factory up in Michigan that had just begun to produce cars that ran on water. It wouldn’t take too long for them to become a popular mode of transportation. Gold, silver, and bartering were how people paid for the things they didn’t make themselves.

Yes, there were still some bad guys and bad girls but they were handled and not thrown into a prison where they were taken care of for the rest of their lives. No way were Americans going to set up another system where the bad guys had more rights than their victims. If the person didn’t receive the death sentence, they were fined an appropriate amount and then put on hard labor until their fines were paid. There were very few repeat offenders.

An old storage unit was opened up one day in town and inside was found a huge pile of plastic wrappers and cellophane which was covered with mouse droppings. No one could figure out what “Oreos” meant.

People were traveling again and a young man who was named after his great-great-great grandfather decided one day to travel the country and see how everyone was doing. A young girl who was named after the founder of the town but no relation, named Trina went with him.


  1. Hi Kellie,

    Good story! More, please!


  2. awe, thanks! but yeah, this one is over. I'm working on a few more; may post one of those or another one already done. :) Give me a day or so to decide. Depends on how busy I get! (with my research)

  3. Best of your work yet.



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