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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do or Die 12


Trina had been in the library when the bell sounded, so she was the first to get to the bell. Since all that had happened, she took precautions until she recognized Timothy as the one ringing the bell. She didn’t even realize that there were others as she ran and gave him a huge hug!

“Timothy! It is so good to see you!” she declared as she hugged him again!

Both were laughing as Timothy hugged her back and even spun her around a few times.

“It’s so good to see you too! I hope you don’t mind an old friend coming to visit.”

“You are always welcome! And there are many here who will be just as happy as I am to see you. Oh Timothy there is so much to tell you!”

“Ok, but I’d like to introduce a few new friends of mine and we are all hoping to settle here.”

“We? You mean you want to stay too? Oh that is wonderful!” Trina exclaimed. And introductions were made between Trina and the small group standing by Timothy.

Maude and Robert showed up and it was decided that the new people would be taken to The Ranch. Their small town had just increased in size by double.

Timothy proposed to Trina on New Year’s Eve and Amber also got a proposal on the same evening by one of the newer members of the town whose name was Steve. Trina still had trouble believing that a guy actually loved her for herself.

June saw all the crops and gardens planted and a huge double wedding.

The next two years passed by with no trouble from the outside world but they remained vigilant and kept training. The kids even taught themselves some martial arts. And the town grew by two when both Amber and Trina had babies.

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