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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If You Abuse it, You Lose it. -Twenty Four

Twenty Four

The next morning, Coon led Lady Lizzie and Buster to the farm. When they were about 1 mile away, Coon said “I think I should go on alone and tell them about you first. Then if they agree, I’ll come back and get you. If they don’t want to talk with you, I’ll still come back and let you know. But I want to make sure it’s ok for you to know where they are.”

“That sounds good to us, we’ll just have some lunch right here, seems like a good spot to stop and rest up abit” answered Lady Lizzie. “We don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable and I know how careful we have to be in these times. Ya don’t want the wrong people to find out where ya live.”

Coon left the two there and quickly made her way to the farm. She did back track a few times to make sure that they were not following her. But she felt her round-about way would be hard to follow anyways.

When she got to the farm, she knocked softly on the back door and Katie was the one to open it.

“Good grief! Where have you been? I’ve missed you SO much! Victoria is great, so don’t worry about her. Come on in, it’s freezing out there.” Katie could carry on.

She pulled Coon into the kitchen, chatting away. Ruth and Glenda were both also in the kitchen and gave Coon hugs too. She wasn’t quite used to being hugged like that, but thought she might be able to get use to it.

“Ma’am’s, I need to talk to ya’all, I’ve met some nice people who would like to come and meet with ya’all and talk some trading.”

“Well now, that sounds like we might want to get the menfolk in here. Where are these people?” asked Ruth.

“Ma’am, they are about a mile or so away and there are two of them waiting, the others went back to their valley. I told them I’d be back to let them know as soon as possible.”

“Ok, Katie run and get your dad and uncle. Coon, you sit down and let me get you something hot to drink. I just made a nice pot of tea, would a cup of that be ok?”

“That sounds wonderful Ma’am.”

It didn’t take but a moment and the men folk were in the kitchen listening to Coon explain what had happened at the town and afterwards. She explained about Lady Lizzie and Logan and their group of people and how they were looking for good people to trade with.

They all laughed when she got to the point of her being caught by Buster and how she got him to let her go.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention that you know that part of it. I think he is still angry with me for that.” Coon said.

It was agreed that the two traders could come to the farm but they were going to be carefully watched and guarded until they knew they meant well.

Coon finished up her tea and said she would be back with them in about 40 minutes. “But I’d like to go hug Victoria first if that’s ok…” she said.

“Of course it’s ok, she should be up from her nap now anyways, why don’t you go get her for me. That way you can change her diaper!” They all laughed at that and Coon hurried to go see about that little baby girl she was starting to consider as her little sister.

It was gonna be one of those days! I could hear the man loud and clear!

“Jon, you just won’t listen to me! I’m telling ya, there won’t be no way you can get around it! Someone is gonna spill the beans and you’ll be up a creek without a paddle!”

I could just barely make out Poppy’s reply “Manny, we’ve been friends for a long time. You of all people know I won’t be bullied!”

“I know Jon and you know I’m just frustrated FOR you! This is some dab-burned mess and I just want you to be prepared for whatever those pipsqueaks will be tossing yer way! They’ve already begun to re-locate goods in town….’for everyone’s sake’ and it won’t be long before someone tells them where you live and HOW you live. They’ll be here lickety split and take by force whatever they want”

“I’ve been living this way for a long time, and no one is gonna take what’s mine and my wife’s. We’ve got the kids to think about. I’ve the right to protect my family and what’s ours and I won’t hesitate to do so!”

“Jon, I’m not the enemy; but we’ve got to stick together if we are gonna make it through these hard times.”

“I’m just gonna say this once. NO ONE is taking anything of mine! IF I choose to help someone, it will be by MY CHOICE! I won’t be giving up my freedoms! I’ve worked hard, my whole family has worked hard to live with the land and prepare for whatever may happen. I won’t be held accountable because other people are idiots for NOT preparing!”

I am not sure just what I was hearing, but I could tell from Poppy’s tone that he was getting upset with his friend. I think it might be best if I don’t listen anymore and go help Granny!

Granny was making some of her infamous Orange Bread. YUM!

“Granny can I help ya?” I asked her as I skidded into the kitchen.

“If yer done listening to that talk between your Poppy and his friend, you can.”

Geeze, does she catch everything????

“I’m sorry…..I didn’t understand what they were talking about anyways. And I know I shouldn’t have been listening; even though I almost couldn’t help but hear!”

“Ain’t that the truth! Ok, here we go with my momma’s recipe:

Moms Orange Bread

3 c flour
3 t baking powder
1/2 t canning salt
3 orange rinds
1/3 c shredded coconut
1 large brown egg
1 c sweet milk
1 c sugar
3/4 c spring water

Sift together flour, baking powder & canning salt. Add
coconut. Beat the large brown egg and combine with the sweet milk.
Cook orange rind with 1 c spring water & 1 t canning salt until
tender. Drain & cut fine. Cook again in the sugar & spring water
(3/4 c) till rinds are transparent. Cool before using. Add this
orange syrup with the large brown egg & sweet milk mixture to the dry
ingredients and blend well. Bake at 350 degrees F for about an
hour. Bake the day before serving so the flavors will blend. Makes
(1) 9-inch by 3-inch loaf.”

The best thing about helping Granny in the kitchen is that I get to taste test everything! Good thing I am active outside…..or I’d be as big as our house!

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