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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Place to Call Home -Two

“What in the world!” exclaimed Carrie and she jerked awake and sat up. She got a lick across her face in answer.

She was eye to eye with the happiest eyes in the world! And those eyes were connected to the most beautiful dog she had ever seen! There before her was a Golden Retriever, with a shining golden coat and a collar that jingled when she gave Carrie another lick and then SMILED!

Carrie erupted in giggles and tried to push the dog away as she got to her feet.
“Somehow I think I’m safer on my feet with you. Let me look at your collar and see if you’ve got an owner.”

Sure enough on the tag engraved in fancy letters was the name “Beautiful Dreamer” and a phone number. Carrie figured Beautiful’s owner was somewhere in the park and this lovely dog wasn’t lost at all. Just at that moment, the dog’s ears perked up and she began to turn away.

“Go on! If that’s your momma or daddy, they might be worried about you. I’m fine. Thanks for the wake up but you need to get.”

The dog looked at Carrie then away then back at Carrie. She took a couple steps away but then sat down and once more looked at Carrie and then tilted her head like she was asking a question.

“What?” Carrie laughed and began to gather her things, making sure her bedroll was secure. She was done in less than two minutes –including the quick drink from a water bottle. Meanwhile the dog never moved although she would perk her ears every few minutes and glance out of the bushes.

“Ok, let’s go find your mommy or daddy, Beautiful.” Carrie declared as she and the dog moved out of the bushes and into bright morning sunlight.

“Wow, I slept all afternoon and night. No wonder I feel so good.” Said Carrie as she began to walk along the path she took yesterday. Beautiful followed right at her side. “I know I need to find the bathroom in the worst way.” Thankfully the park had a small building marked “Restrooms”.

So far, Carrie hadn’t seen anyone that looked to be Beautiful’s owner but she really needed to ‘go’ so she headed towards the restrooms. She quickly done her business, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and refilled her water bottles.

Beautiful was still sitting right by the door as she came out.

“Ok girl, what are we gonna do with you? Are you here with your mommy or daddy?” she asked.

As Carrie began to walk back along the path, Beautiful carefully took her hand in her mouth and slightly tugged the other way. Carrie shrugged and followed the dog. She really didn’t want to just leave the beautiful dog.

Beautiful led the way out of the park and down a well taken care of road. About four houses down, she turned into one of the yards. It was a quaint one story home with a brick driveway and what looked like ivy growing all over it. Beautiful walked to the front porch and sat down.

Carrie sighed and climbing the two steps, walked onto the porch to the front door and rang the bell.

No one answered. So Carrie knocked loudly and called out “Hello, anyone home?”
Beautiful joined her by the door and with one paw, scratched on the door. Carrie thought she heard something but couldn’t be sure.

Taking a deep breath, she tried the door handle. It was unlocked. Beautiful nosed her way into the house before Carrie could stop her so she opened the door more and called again. She watched Beautiful go into a room that went off the back of the hallway that the door opened into.

“Hello? I found this dog and I think she belongs here. Hello? Is anyone here?”
Very faintly, Carrie heard “come in please. I think I need some help.” Carrie followed where the dog had gone.

As she walked across the floor she could hear murmuring and the jingle of Beautiful’s collar. She had left the front door open partially in case she needed to make a quick getaway and then she crossed the threshold into what looked like it use to be a dining room but there was no table and chairs in it.

Again she called out “Hello? Where are you?”

Louder now, she heard the reply of “In here dear.”

Carrie saw two doors going off of the dining room but the one in the back had a swinging door and she could see light coming from around the edges. Carefully keeping an eye out all around so no one could sneak up behind her, Carrie crossed the room to the swinging door and slowly opened it while standing slightly back as she extended her arm.

Then she stepped into a brightly sun lit kitchen and contemplated the scene before her.

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